Hi – I’m Brenda Wood. I live in Brisbane in Australia’s sunny north.  I regularly curate workshops and have created an online social Textile Collective with currently over 52,000 members. My work has won prizes, and has been exhibited throughout Australia and overseas. My works are also in private collections.

My work often reflects my love of the water and in the many years since becoming a textile artist I have been able to explore a multitude of mediums and topics, with the ocean and its environs often making an appearance.

I am a member of Reddy Arts Textile Group, TAG, MiMArts, Ozquilt Network, and a Covid inspired international group called Magic Carpet Artists.

Textile Art

Textile art is my preferred medium. I love the creative nature of this art form and continues to explore its limitless potential. My topics vary widely, but a definite aqueous tendency comes through, and I never tire of topics and subjects relating to Nature, in particular the aspect of water and shoreline.